cardboard, knife and love


While it’s been impossible to find paddlepop sticks or pipecleaners in Nairobi, I’ve got an overabundance of fluro cardboard. I’ve been using it for craft time with some kids I hang out with, but there are only so many activities you can do with coloured card before you’re desperate for a new medium. So the kids and I have moved onto wool and straws, and now I’m figuring out what to do with all these extra sheets.


First up, a ‘LOVE’ paper cut. I was inspired by this triangle paper cut, but wanted to keep it simple. It’s been ages since I’ve worked with a stanley knife, so the easier the design, the better! The white flip side pictured below shows the cuts I made. I marked everything first in pencil and then got stuck into it. The nice thing about working with card is it’s a lot sturdier than paper and less likely to tear.


Straight lines are the easiest with paper cuts, but I’d love to work up to something more intricate next time.


My second little experiment – a paper cut greeting card. I had some extra fabric on hand, so I cut a swatch and stuck it on the inside. So much colour, huh? If you want to try something similar, just be sure to let the glue dry well before closing the card.



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