the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from the past week?


I’m grateful for sunshine after the rain, laughing with friends around the table in our backyard, ugg boots on chilly mornings and at least eight hours sleep each night. I feel like a nana trying to get to bed by 10pm each night, but the difference a good sleep makes is so addictive. Really, it gives the best buzz!

Here’s a few fun and fascinating things from this past week:

A cool public art project.

The Reluctant Father. Brutally honest, yet also hilarious.

Quiz: Do you have good boundaries?

(And how to say no.)

The best Kenyan cocktail.

The Rory Gilmore reading challenge (I only got 23!).

A favourite poem.

The funniest Pinterest board.

Making life more beautiful for pale girls.

Loved seeing a bit of what these guys do this week.

Eight fascinating maps.

I sent my sister these last week.

Encouragement. And perspective.

And lastly, Australian friends: Dendy Cinemas is showing this film from March 27!


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