three artists

Do you have a lot of art in your house? We have a map on our wall, some photos in our kitchen, and that’s about it. Sadface! I am convinced we all need more art in our lives and on our walls.

Here are three artists whose work I’d love to hang in our home:

Samantha French


Samantha French uses oil paints to produce these vibrant paintings of people underwater. It’s such  surprising angle and would add a refreshing touch to a room. I love the colours and the way she’s captured the movement of the water. Check her blog here.

Katie Daisy

I bought this print (below) by Katie Daisy last year and would love to add this and this to my collection. Katie’s floral whimsy style just makes me smile. And check out the sneak peek into her studio! It inspires me to do more art.


(Fun fact: both Katie and Samantha studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

Cherie-Christine Curchod

It is seemingly impossible to find much information about Cherie-Christine Curchod online. I first spotted her work on Pinterest, when I pinned this image below as inspiration for my own little art room. The Australian native plants made me feel a little nostalgic for home. How perfect is her little cottage off Sydney – it can only be reached by boat!

1 by Chris Warnes stylist Natalie Walton for Country Style AU Nov11

(Photo by Chris Warnes for Country Style Australia, sourced here)


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