the romans 8 project

Last year I was encouraged (by Ann Voskamp, in this blog post) to memorise some powerful words that mean so much to me. That define and strengthen my faith, that challenge my fear, that remind me of the power of love.

I was ambitious, and started strong, and soon I had 13 verses I could whisper from memory. 13 powerful verses that are still anchored deep in my memory.

But 13 is not 39, and I wanted all 39 verses of Romans 8 to be written on my heart. But then it got hard, and I got busy, and like always, the important things somehow fall by the wayside.

And now, so many months later, I’m flicking through bad day time TV and patting the dog and I’m struck with a sudden and overwhelming feeling like I’m not doing anything important. And oh how I like to feel important! My world is a little smaller and a lot quieter than normal. I’ve been working here and there, taking classes here and there, but life is a little in limbo as we consider careers and cities, countries and continents.

So here’s what I need to do. I need to go back to the start, and I need to take it slow. I’m committing to two verses a week, and the months will go by, and whether I’m busy or bored, flat out or fancy free, I’ll be doing the most important thing – committing God’s Word to heart.

Because, as Ann says, “When you memorise Scripture, it’s like carrying your own oxygen tank.”

I haven’t carried that kind of oxygen in a long time. My Bible is so accessible, on my Kindle, on my phone, that the practice of meditating and committing words to heart is almost unknown to me. But I know I need it.

Never — NOT ONCE — have I ever known anyone to get to the end of a Scripture memory commitment and say that it didn’t make any real difference. Not a single time.

– Beth Moore

I’m using this as a little bit of public accountability for myself, but if you are interested in doing your own memorisation project, A Holy Experience (Ann’s blog) has resources for Matthew 5, 6 and 7, and Romans 1, 8 and 12 and all of Colossians.

Because maybe you need some oxygen too.


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