the week that’s been

What are you grateful for this week?


I am really truly grateful for Skype. I spent two different mornings with two of my favourite people who just happen to be about 13,000km away. My sister and I chilled out while she skipped uni and recovered from a sore throat. And my friend Anna and I squeezed as much chatting in as we could before she introduced me to her baby girl and our conversation turned to sweet baby coos and playing peek-a-boo. Who knew you could play peek-a-boo over the internet?? I am so so grateful that we can stay in touch.

Here’s a round up of lovely links for your Friday…

Reading this for the first time ever.

Beautiful portraits of dogs.

Style trends for this autumn (I’m not so keen on any of them!)

How to create a working wardrobe.

The case for fewer friends. Agree or disagree?

The next destination on my travel list.

I started #100happydays on my Instagram this week.

Gloria Steinem on what 80 looks like.

And life lessons for your 30s.

I loved (and laughed at) this.

Morning bed yoga.

The best idea for keeping kid’s art.

We’re missing this amazing restaurant.

And lastly, which one should I make for Saturday brunch?


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