my word for 2014 – part 2

Early this year I shared that I had chosen a word for 2014 and that word was simplicity. In lieu of New Year’s resolutions, I chose one word that resonated with me, with the intention to let it focus my decisions, thoughts and actions over the coming year. If you can believe it, we’re now one quarter of the way through 2014. Here’s a little update on the first three months with my one little word:


So I’m already glad I chose the word simplicity. Rather than trying to do something better or bigger in 2014, I feel like it pushes me to do less of the unnecessary. It just seems to take the pressure off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself keep it simple!

IMG_20140325_020024I chopped all my hair off at the beginning of the year, and that definitely feels like embracing simplicity. Funnily enough, I probably spend more time now on styling it, but really it’s so quick and easy and totally cuts down on all the extra brain power of stressing about ‘what am I going to do with my hair today?!

I’m also slowly emptying my wardrobe. I cut down my closet by about 60% when we first moved overseas. I threw out a bit and gave away a lot – items that weren’t so appropriate for Kenya, dresses I had worn once and wouldn’t wear again, multiple cardigans that just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.

I thought I’d find the adjustment tough but a funny thing happened. I found I loved my ‘new’ wardrobe and I felt like I actually had more to wear. But I’ve collected bits and pieces over the last 18 months and need another purge. At this stage, I’ve hidden away some things I’ve not worn a lot. If I don’t notice them missing after a few months, I’ll get rid of them.

Another impact of simplicity on my life has been in our home. Even though we’ve lived in this current house for over six months, things are still pretty bare. We weren’t sure how long we’d be here and we still aren’t, so we’ve held off from buying more than the essentials (i.e. we have a mattress but no bed frame, an oven but no microwave etc).

But in anticipation of maybe staying here for awhile longer (who knows!) I’ve been collecting bits and pieces of interior inspiration. I’m such a huge colour fan, I love lots of bits and pieces, but I think for this home I want to pare back everything and stick to a more Scandanavian-inspired aesthetic (like this and this and this). Hello simplicity. I’m just not sure how lots of whites and neutrals will go with a black dog!

I’m enjoying my word simplicity and am hoping it continues to provide clarity over the coming months.


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