the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from this past week?


We splurged on some smoked salmon this week and oh it was good. Also, figs are in season! But for about all of two weeks. Will cooked up one of our all time favourite recipes: figs cooked in balsamic and mustard, served on lamb. I’d share the recipe but it’s packed away in a Donna Hay cook book, in a box, under some more boxes, in our parent’s garage…

So instead, here’s what I’ve found around the place this week:

Did you hear about the little rabbit who lived in Nelson Mandela’s ear?

Ten career books for women.

And how busy people make time to read.

Brisbane friends: A fun (scary!) date, perhaps?

I love this temporary tattoo – and this one, and this too!

How Barack Obama gets things done.

Around the world: favourite toys.

I can’t get enough of Baby George and Lupo.

A thoughtful review on the new Noah film.

Scripture memorization for the rest of us.

These blood orange G&Ts look amazing.

How to pronounce fancy fashion designers’ names.

And lastly, wishing I was in Sydney tonight for my girl’s first art exhibition!



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