how to: really say I love you


We’ve been talking about the five love languages again recently. I think it’s one of the best relationship books I’ve read. I’m reminded again that we all feel love in different ways. So for the person who needs:


best friend: buy her a bottle of nail polish, a diy face mask, her favourite chocolate bar and a scented candle for a lazy friday night in.

brother: put a funny postcard in the mail for them, even if they live just around the corner

acts of service

wife: surprise her by taking charge of the chore she likes least

father: steal his keys and get his car washed

physical touch

niece/nephew: initiate a special secret handshake just for them – that ends with a hug, of course!

mother: give her a back tickle when you next catch up for coffee

words of affirmation

husband: make his day special by send an encouraging text each hour, on the hour

sister: borrow her planner and write some sweet surprise words through out the pages

quality time

boyfriend: grab an old school board game, a bottle of wine and some snacks for a cosy date night

son/daughter: schedule in a saturday afternoon date to do whatever they want with you


Don’t know your love language? Take this quiz. And then the hard part, figure out what your lover, sister, brother, best friend, mother, father, daughter, son needs… and be sure to really say ‘I love you‘!

And if you’ve never heard of the five love languages, find out more here.


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