toto knits

A few weeks ago I put up a post about l.i.f.e bags and how I’d like to share some lovely bits and pieces I’ve picked up while here in Kenya. So today I’d like to introduce Toto Knits!


Toto Knits is a line of organic cotton knitwear, made with love by a group of single mothers in Nairobi. Founder Erin Brennan Allen designs the pieces and the women who produce them are paid per item – allowing them the flexibility to work as much or as little as they like. Funnily enough, I stumbled upon Toto Knits on one of my favourite blogs before discovering them here in Kenya.

Elephant_Sweater   lionanimalsweaterfront1

After discovering the safari sweaters, we sent our nephew and niece a lion and elephant sweater for Christmas – even though it’d be months before the weather would be cool enough to wear them. The great thing with Toto Knits is they provide international shipping, so all I had to do was jump online and click buy – no negotiating with postal staff and the assurance they would actually get to Australia! I was home in August and it was great to see the kids wearing something special from Kenya.


In addition to the safari and farm animal sweaters, Toto Knits has some other gorgeous pieces – I especially love everything in the Heart + Habit collection. So if you’re needing a special gift for a little person, be sure to consider the organic and ethical items from this lovely line!


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