the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from this past week?


I’m grateful for chicken soup and hot showers and early nights after feeling a little funky this week. Also, Modern Family. I think my best ‘life tip’ is to always have a comedy series on the go!

Here’s this week’s round up:

I’d hang this lovely print in our kitchen.

You’re not as busy as you say you are. (Ouch!)

When to buy airline tickets.

The lost art of the unsent angry letter.

I used these guys last week – what a great idea for a florist!

George Bush paints John Howard?!

Why 30 is not the new 20.

The sweetest family blog.

I want to add this dress to my five piece french wardrobe.

Watching SYTYCD reruns is the best.

Will got me into this soundtrack.

And the perfect gold nail polish.

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