miniature art


This is a fun project for those of us who are time poor, but want to add a little creativity into our days – make a miniature art gallery! It’s quicker and easier than your average art diy, plus there’s the satisfaction of finishing a project in all of thirty minutes. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the thought of ‘Why start something arty if I don’t have time to finish it?’ but I’ve enjoyed just mucking around with these little works of art.



Method: Trace the outline of your matchbox onto thick brown paper, then cut it out with scissors. Use the stanley knife to cut a smaller rectangle inside your brown paper rectangle. This will form your frame.


Trace the outline of your matchbox onto the white paper/card, and cut it out. Glue the brown paper frame onto your white rectangle. Then, use your stanley knife again to cut an even smaller rectangle in the centre of the paper. This is now your frame and mounting.


Trace one last outline of the matchbox, again on the white paper. Cut it out. This will be your ‘art’ to frame. You can trace the inside of your ‘mounting’ card faintly on to this last sheet, to give you an idea of the borders of your art. Then pull out the textas and have a play. Perhaps a repetitive pattern? Or give a tiny quote a shot?


Once you’ve finalised your ‘art’, trim it to size, dab some glue on the back of your frame and stick it down.

If we had kids, I’d blue tack a whole collection of these little frames on the inside of their wardrobe door, or on the underside of the table. I love the idea of hiding miniature art galleries around the house for little people to stumble upon!


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