rosalind grace designs


Rosalind Grace Designs is the most gorgeous collection of beautiful handmade hair accessories, from Canberra, Australia, and available on Etsy. Rosalind and I actually used to work together a number of years ago and I wore one of her pretty blossom hairpins at our wedding reception. I’d share a photo of me wearing it but it was one of the very few things that went undocumented that day!

We moved to Kenya less than a year after we got married. We left 99% of our wedding gifts in Australia as well as a lot of other lovely things. Even my engagement ring is hidden away safely at home. As a fairly sentimental newlywed I wanted to bring at least one pretty thing from our wedding with us, so I packed in my beautiful Rosalind Grace Designs hair piece. I’ve got it pinned up on the curtains in my study at the moment, and I’m waiting for a suitably fancy event here to wear it once more.

I love the attention-to-detail and vintage vibe of so many of Rosalind’s pieces. Here’s a few of my favourites – perfect for a pretty bride-to-be!

Stunning Rhinestone Leaf Headband

rosalind-grace1a rosalind-grace1b

Ivory Silk Flower Feather Fascinator

rosalind-grace2a rosalind-grace2b

White Lace Comb with Swarovski Crystals

rosalind-grace3a rosalind-grace3b

And if walking down the aisle isn’t on the near horizon for you, how about a pretty gold floral headband for a day at the markets or this stunning coral blossom halo for a garden party? There are so many gorgeous pieces to choose from.

Model photos by Lauren Campbell.

PS – Rosalind has a great blog as well!


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