I first saw something about the #100happydays project on A Beautiful Mess, and then read more on the project’s site. I decided to start that very day. Very much along the lines of gratitude projects, the #100happydays idea is to take a photo of something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days.

I’m now almost a third of the way through, and taking a happy snap each day is adding a little more sunshine to my life. Once I’m finished, I think I may print them out through Prinstagram like I did with these photos. I love having snapshots of everyday moments to treasure down the track.


Dreaming again, skype with my sister, meeting baby Lydia for the first time and the best chicken wings in all of Nairobi.


Cuddles with Rum, a horned chameleon in the tree outside my window (!), brunch in the garden and wattle blossoms on our afternoon walk.


Selfie, Michael Soi art work, Will with his latest photography work and a cool painting found in the basement of Aga Khan Hospital.


Fluro coloured craft with the kids, Darfur reunion with these three, roast veggies and dinner outside.


More Michael Soi (I love his stuff!), my first magazine cover (eek!), Rum guarding me while I nap, and a boisterous games night at our place.


Skype with A + J, six bunches of fresh roses in my house, savasana in the afternoon sunlight and surprise kisses from my love via Whatsapp.


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