the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from this past week?


I’m grateful for a long weekend away, for fresh air and gumboots and teeny tiny daisies, for white toblerone, for hugs with my husband, for the hilarity that is a competitive game of Taboo, for the cute dog snoring loudly under my desk right now, for whatsapp, for pedicures with dear friends, for rainy days, for long hot showers, for porridge and baked fruit, for new paints, for cute neighbours’ kids and for the promise of a new day.

Et toi?

Here’s some lovely things I’ve found around the place this week:

A gorgeous food blog.

Have you heard of Hotel Tonight?

My favourite place in Kenya thus far.

Genius tip for creating a photo or art gallery at home.

If you read just one long article this week: The Confidence Gap.

I finished this on the weekend – good, but maybe not as great as I anticipated?

How cute are these kids in their pyjamas. So very Wendy-Darling-esque!

What all the girls in New York are wearing, apparently. I need a pair of these.

Who wore it better? Mindy Kaling or the Duchess of Cambridge??

35 books to read before they’re 2014 movies.

On conscious coupling.

At the top of my wishlist.

A 3 minute yoga flow.

And Brisbane friends, our favourite cafe is now doing dinner!


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