the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from this past week?


This week, I’m grateful to live in Kenya. I really am. I always wanted to live overseas and it surprises me a little that it’s happened this early in my life. While the change in culture and environment sometimes does my head in, I love that I get to live and explore this part of the world.

Here’s a round up of African-inspired links for your weekend:

The top 25 hotels in Africa. Wow!

My favourite African author.

And next on my reading list.

DIY glitter safari animals.

An 84 year old Kenyan man goes to school for the first time.

I keep seeing these Moroccan rugs everywhere.

An amazing ballet school in Rwanda.

A cute giraffe print clutch.

Yevu, gorgeous outfits from Ghana, available in Aus.

For the men, ENZI shoes from Ethiopia.

Our favourite restaurant in Nairobi.

And Brisbane friends, check out this yummy Ethiopian restaurant.


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