art for every room: the study (diy)

In an effort to turn our house into a home, I’m collecting ideas and inspiration for art we can hang on our bare walls. I’ve got a handful of DIY ideas and a wishlists of lovely pieces to buy, so I thought I’d turn my mullings into a little blog series – let’s call it Art for Every Room – and perhaps we can all try to include a little more art in our lives!


First up – DIY swans in the study. My little atelier has a lovely outlook into our neighbours’ tree and gets beautiful light almost the whole day round. I’ve had a million ideas of what I’d like to hang above my desk and it took awhile to decide upon these swan patterns.

My original inspiration came from this fabric swatch from a Topshop outfit. I thought it’d look great as a painting for our living room, but we have a huge wall to cover and I didn’t know how it’d translate as a really big painting. So I played around with these smaller canvas boards, which fit nicely in the corner above my desk.

IMG_0096 IMG_0099 IMG_0101

I sketched out some swan shapes until I’d got roughly the right size and form. I cut out a bunch and played around with the layout, before tracing them onto the white canvas and painting them black. Then I painted the second canvas black and repeated the whole thing – using a white pencil to trace and about four coats of white on the swans.

IMG_0104 IMG_0111 IMG_0115 IMG_0117

I didn’t think through the practicalities of how to hang these canvas boards, so at the moment they’re just leaning against the wall. But my carpenter has suggested gluing some small pieces of wood on the back and attaching hooks to the wood, so we’ll try that next week.

IMG_0125 IMG_0128

I especially like the white swans on the black background, they remind me of Swan Lake. And they seem ever so fitting given my surname, no?


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