the best day planner


I’m a major to-do list junky. There are lists scattered all over our house, on scraps of paper, in notebooks, on post it notes, in my phone, on napkins etc. I like to make a plan and work to it and I go a little crazy without some things written down.

By far the best day planner I’ve ever used is the Storyline Productivity Schedule, from Don Miller and the Storyline team. It’s free, you can download it here, and then print it out as you please.


The thing that’s a little different about this planner is rather than managing your time, you plan how to use your mental energy. There are six sections to fill out in this order: 1. Today’s date, 2. If I could do today over again I’d…, 3. Things I get to enjoy today, 4. Appointments, 5. My life theme, 6. Project One and so on. There’s a great explanation for each section and why it’s important, and the actual planner is very easy to use.

It’s a great tool for those who have a lot of control over their time (uni students, self-employed, managers) and perhaps struggle with procrastination or distraction. But really I think it’s useful for anyone – I really recommend giving it a try!


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