art for every room: the study (buy)

In an effort to turn our house into a home, I’m collecting ideas and inspiration for art we can hang on our bare walls. I’ve got a handful of DIY ideas and a wishlists of lovely pieces to buy, so I thought I’d turn my mullings into a little blog series – let’s call it Art for Every Room – and perhaps we can all try to include a little more art in our lives!

I love the swans in my study, but if DIY isn’t quite your thing, here are some of my favourite prints and photos that would be ideal in a work space:


‘Ideal Bookshelf 353: English Lit’ by Jane Mount


Perfect for the literature loving lady. Jane has painted a whole series of ‘ideal bookshelves’ – check them out here!

prove them wrong

‘Prove them wrong’ by Spell & Tell


Because we’ve all been discouraged and disheartened, and because there’s nothing like crisp black text on white.

party sheep

Party Sheep by Kelly Stevens, FabFunky


To keep you smiling when deadlines are looming or writer’s block has hit or when you accidentally spill hot chocolate on your keyboard and feel like the world is ending.


‘Austria, Ski Lodge in the Alps’ by Erich von Wunschheim / Vintage Editions

From US$60

I love the colours and feel of this print, which was originally designed for the Austrian Tourism Board back in 1937. There’s nothing like vacation inspiration to get you focused and working hard, right? Or perhaps a little day dreaming makes the work more bearable…

done is better than perfect

‘Done is better than perfect’ by offizin


This is one of my favourite quotes. I tried to DIY my own version about a year ago but I made a rather ironic mistake and left out the word ‘than’. I got the giggles so bad when I finally realised.


‘Eroded in the Silence’ by Chikara Umihara

From $US60

I can’t help but feel calmer staring into this green space. It’s a great photo if you’re stuck in a pokey office in a busy concrete jungle.

kite hill

‘Kite Hill’ by Paul Octavious

From US$60

This would also be rather lovely in a playroom or child’s bedroom, but I love the whimsy for a creative space.

dont forget to be awesome

And lastly, ‘Don’t forget to be awesome’ by Rittenhouse Design Studio

From US$15

Just in case you’re prone to memory lapse!

All of these prints and photographs have been sourced from Etsy and 20×200, two great online resources for unique and affordable art. Check them out!


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