the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from the week that’s been?

IMG_0882(photo from our trip here)

I’m grateful for my funny puppy Rum. Will has been travelling since Saturday and she’s been my trusty ( + clingy) companion all week. It’s nice having another heartbeat in the house, even when she trails behind me as I cook, go up stairs, come down stairs, try and take a shower and so on. Right now she’s spread out over my feet but before she put both front paws up on my knees and began ‘grooming’ me. She’s a cutey!

And here’s what’s caught my eye this week:

Ballet is hardcore.

The perfect leather tote.

What’s your Jung personality type?

A Mother’s Day tutorial: Tissue Paper Blooms.

The lean closet movement.

Nirrimi is selling prints!

My sister wrote a beautiful post on trusting God.

Soul Keeping – this book sounds amazing.

For my fellow turophiles*: The anatomy of a perfect cheese platter.

How to answer the ‘Do you have kids?’ interview question.

I’m living off this yummy vegan soup while Will is away.

Six all-natural household cleaning products.

How happy do you want to be?

And it’s been all over the web, but just in case you didn’t see it: Look Up.

*PS – how great is it to find new words?!



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