bow tie baby shower

One of my lovely friends in Nairobi recently gave birth to her second baby boy. While traditionally you throw a baby shower before the baby is born, we waited until after the little man had entered the world to hold the shower because 1) my friend’s mum was flying in just after the baby had been born and 2) what’s a better baby shower ‘game’ than cuddling a newborn?!

I wish I had got photos of all the girls and our games, but here’s a few snaps mostly of the décor. Pinterest-inspiration met what’s-actually-available-in-Nairobi, but in the end I found enough things to pull together a bow tie themed event. And of course, it’s always so nice to get together with some lovely ladies!

IMG_0133IMG_0132 IMG_0145IMG_0141IMG_0143IMG_0136IMG_0144IMG_0138IMG_0140IMG_0139 IMG_0146IMG_0142 IMG_0135IMG_0149


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