art for every room: living / dining room (diy)

In an effort to turn our house into a home, I’m collecting ideas and inspiration for art we can hang on our bare walls. I’ve got a handful of DIY ideas and a wishlists of lovely pieces to buy, so I thought I’d turn my mullings into a little blog series – let’s call it Art for Every Room – and perhaps we can all try to include a little more art in our lives!

IMG_0197 IMG_0200IMG_0213

I’ve been so keen to create a photo wall in our living room and final, voila, it’s up! I guess technically this doesn’t pass as a do-it-yourself art project, but it is a little more personal than buying a generic canvas from Ikea.

Speaking of Ikea, how I would love to spend an afternoon there! I’d head straight to the frame section and stock up on frames of all colours and sizes. I’m yet to find good quality, inexpensive, ready-to-buy frames here in Nairobi and like everywhere, getting them made isn’t so cheap. But I had a local carpenter whip up these six basic frames for a not-too-exorbitant price and it’s really made our dining area feel more homely.


For now, I’ve put in some engagement, wedding and honeymoon photos with a diy cardboard mounting… which isn’t even mounting, but just a photo bluetacked on to the card – shhh! I’m slowly filing through all our travel photos as I’d love to feature some shots from Italy, or Ethiopia. But these babies fit perfectly for now and it’s so much nicer having them on display than packed away.


On the same note, I wanted to add some personal pictures to our living area. Our living/dining space is one big room, a very square concrete box that could have been a double or triple garage in another life. I like the idea of creating slightly distinct spaces while still keeping everything cohesive, so I also ordered a long black frame to feature some of our Printsagram photos.


I used the same photos from this frame back at our home in Brisbane, but changed up the layout to feature two long rows of images. Previously these were bluetacked to the wall in the same configuration, but there’s something about adding some wood and some glass to really jazz things up!


Now all we need is to finally invest in a TV cabinet. How are you decorating your living and dining spaces?


7 thoughts on “art for every room: living / dining room (diy)

  1. I wonder why such a small scale? You have entire walls that can be utilized for groupings of photos or art. You could even add some mirrored pieces to reflect light into the darker spaces of your living or dining area. Also play with texture and shape. Does everything have to be flat, square, modern, or minimalist. There is so much brown what other colors would look good with the red of the chair and lighten the darkness of the parquet flooring. Have you thought about an area rug or even a console table behind the sofa or in the dining room to use as a serving table?

  2. We do have lots of wall space, and many different plans on what to do with it! As for furniture, we’re collecting it slowly (or pole pole as they say here in Kenya) because everything is rather expensive 🙂

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