art for every room: kitchen (diy)

In an effort to turn our house into a home, I’m collecting ideas and inspiration for art we can hang on our bare walls. I’ve got a handful of DIY ideas and a wishlists of lovely pieces to buy, so I thought I’d turn my mullings into a little blog series – let’s call it Art for Every Room – and perhaps we can all try to include a little more art in our lives!


Our current kitchen is a little old and daggy, but it’s also huge, with more bench and cupboard space than we would ever need, and an adjacent pantry that we joke is our fifth bedroom. I played around with various ideas for a papercut to hang in here, including what was going to be a huge pineapple, but in the end I opted for this A4 sized quote (*sorry all the photos are a little fuzzy. WordPress is compressing them weirdly, and I’m still trying to fix it.)


I was originally inspired by this painting from this Apartment Therapy post, but changed up the wording and used paper and a stanley knife instead of paint to recreate it. We first tried limoncello after an amazing meal at Trattoria Del Billys in Manarola, Italy. They bought out two glasses and a complimentary bottle for us to sample from and it felt so Italian. There’s an Italian bottle shop in Nairobi, so we’ve kept a bottle handy ever since.

IMG_0236 IMG_0249IMG_0232

I cut out the lemon shape in a piece of thin yellow card, then sketched out the words in pencil. The hardest thing to cut with a stanley knife is curves, so I tend to stick to capital letters, with their straight lines and sharp corners. After I’d cut everything out I erased any remaining pencil lines, then stuck in on white card and popped it in the frame. I think I might paint the frame black down the track.

IMG_0247IMG_0233 IMG_0251In addition to the papercut, I’ve used a jar of billy buttons, a glass bottle with ‘coca cola’ written in Amharic and an Ethiopian clay coffee pot, or jebena, to decorate our shelves.

Do you have art hanging in your kitchen?


3 thoughts on “art for every room: kitchen (diy)

  1. My suggestion is to have things in your kitchen that are washable. Over time the grease collects and just doesn’t come off. I buy ceramics that look like baskets or see through canisters to put beans, rice, and pastas in for storage and texture.

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