Here are some of my favourite snaps from the last 30+ days of my #100happydays instagram project (see the first 25 days here). The idea is simple – to take a moment each day and appreciate something that makes you happy. Does taking a photo every day make me happy? Well actually, no, not always. I forget, or my phone battery dies, or the light is really bad and I get annoyed at the poor quality of my camera.

But then on a bad day, when I’m feeling homesick or out of sorts, a quick flick through my photos always gives me a little happiness buzz. My life is good and full of good things and I forget that way too easily.


An amazing lunch at Trout Tree Restaurant – literally a restaurant built around and in a tree, at a trout farm.


Afternoon walks with Rum. She gets whiny at about 4pm when she hears all the kids come home from school. I swear she thinks she’s a human herself.


Nairobi is full of pretty flowers at the moment.


We spent the Easter long weekend up near the Abedares, picnicing and exploring and catching up on our reading lists.


My friend Jacquie is the queen of string games. She taught us all her tricks.


New leotard and new tights. I could have squealed 🙂


Two and a half years with this handsome man. We celebrated with Som Tum, Larb and Pad Thai and it was good.


And seriously, how can you not be happy with sunflowers on your table?


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