art for every room: the bedroom (buy)

In an effort to turn our house into a home, I’m collecting ideas and inspiration for art we can hang on our bare walls. I’ve got a handful of DIY ideas and a wishlists of lovely pieces to buy, so I thought I’d turn my mullings into a little blog series – let’s call it Art for Every Room – and perhaps we can all try to include a little more art in our lives!

So the last room in my little Art for Every Room series is the bedroom. Here are some great (and affordable!) art options all available online, and I’ll share my last little DIY in the coming days:

For the lady:


Hair III by The White Deer

From US$38

This lovely print would add just the right amount of whimsy to a feminine bedroom. I love any illustration that really pays attention to the hair. So pretty.

For the gentleman:


Zest by Florent Bodart

From US$37

Perfect for the cycling enthusiast, or the man with a particular penchant for yellow.

above and beyond

Above and Beyond by Rubbishmonkey

From US$33

Art that doesn’t take itself too serious. I love this and I’m not even a gentleman.

For the couple:

otterly romantic

Otterly Romantic by When Guinea Pigs Fly

From US$35

I love that this is romantic without necessarily being super girly or cheesy. I mean, otters, seriously. That’s a unisex animal if I ever did see one.

so good together

We Are So Good Together by Dylan Fareed

From US$60

There’s a cute story to how this artist made this print and then started selling it if you click through on the title. And how great are white frames?!

abyss of the disheartened

Abyss of the Disheartened IX by Heather Landis

From US$52

Okay, so ignore the sad name of this one. But the moody tones and black and white mounting would fit perfectly in a monochrome or neutrally decorated room. Though if it were in a couple’s room, is it weird to have a ‘coupley’ photo of strangers on your wall? I’m undecided.

For all of the above:


Apres Grande 12 by Christian Chaize

From US$60

Doesn’t this just make you feel happy and relaxed? Two good emotions to feel in your bedroom, no?


Central Park by Joseph O. Holmes

From US$60

This artist states he has a crush on New York, and really, don’t we all? The big sky keeps the city looking peaceful and serene.

What do you have hanging on your bedroom walls?


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