the week that’s been


What are you grateful for this past week? To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a dodgy one. I’ve been waiting all week for an email that hasn’t come, and then on Wednesday my wallet was stolen from my bag! But even with the downers, I’m grateful for dinner with friends, World Cup parties with friends, facebook group messages with friends. So basically, friends. This week I’m really grateful for friends.

And here’s some lovely bits and bobs from around the internet:

So much admiration for these lovely friends of mine.

For the word nerd: adjectivals and demonyms for cities.

Don’t you wish you were on this Colorado road trip?

Dating tips from one of my favourite bloggers.

We’ve been cutting cake the wrong way!

Book lovers: this made me laugh.

As did this hilarious tampon ad. So awkward.

Have you tried the Pippit app?

Career advice from five powerhouse women.

The latest Strictly Ballet episode.

I’m testing this sunscreen at the moment.

And how to wear a flower around your neck. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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2 thoughts on “the week that’s been

  1. Aren’t they amazing? Jess and I went to Timor together all those years ago and they’ve been inspiring me ever since!

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