my birthday wishlist

It’s my birthday next weekend – yay! I’m sitting my DELF A1 exam on Saturday, so there’s another reason to celebrate come Sunday. We’ll probably do a Sunday lunch or dinner out with friends and I’d love to be really luxurious and have a hot bath. Oh the dreams of one living on tank water.

And here’s the rest of my little birthday wish-list:

1. A Mersey Valley cheese platter

Do you ever dream about cheese? I do. We get the most amazing homemade onion jam here in Nairobi and whenever I eat it I can’t help but think about how great it would be with some Mersey Valley. Oh my goodness me. On one hand, I’m pretty easy to please – just give me cheese. On the other hand – give me cheese that’s sold some 13,000km away!

Mersey Valley Cheese_Large-01

2. A yoga map

My cheap Kenyan supermarket one has lasted a year but it’s super slippery and has got a little torn up by our dear downward-facing dog Rum. Any recommendations? I want something durable but lightweight.

jade_harmony_travel3. Cuyana Leather Tote

I shared this beautiful tote in a Friday round up post a couple of months back. The leather looks so lovely and I feel like this bag would last forever. And those are the kind of pieces I really want in my wardrobe.cuyana leather tote

4. Kindle credit

To feed my crazy Kindle habit. My current wishlist includes The Honest Toddler, Americanah, Soul Keeping, We Need New Names, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, and Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul.



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