Our art collection grows

Okay, can you indulge me with yet another Istanbul post?

One of the items on my 25 before 26 list was to buy six pieces of art and start a ‘collection’. Apart from some DIY projects around the house, I’ve bought this Katie Daisy print and was kindly gifted an original pencil drawing from Emmy Lawless. Two out of four – check.

When we were in Istanbul, our Airbnb hosts had a very cool poster framed in their living room. We asked where they’d got it and of course, the design studio Aponia was about two minutes around the corner. So we wandered down the hill one day and for the equivalent of about $8-9, we picked up our own copy. Isn’t it cool?


And just before we found Aponia, we wandered into a little gallery selling paintings and prints and sketches. They had a great collection of black and white drawings of famous Istanbulite scenes – the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorous etc. I picked up a few to send home as postcards, and got an extra copy of the Galata Tower drawing to frame in my study and remind me of our time there.

And now to find two more pieces of art before I hit 26 next month!


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