25 before 26 – birthday list review

I hit 26 on the weekend. Thank you for all the sweet social media birthday wishes. I had such a lovely day and got lots of real-life love as well 😉

So each year I post a list of things to do before my next birthday. I love lists and though I rarely get through everything, I love dreaming up things each year and seeing what I actually end up doing. Here’s a review of my 25 before 26 list:


1. Land a new job

Well, it’s been a journey. I’ve applied for so many jobs I can’t even remember. I had numerous opportunities fall through. I did manage a couple of short term jobs this past year but I’m still waiting for that elusive full time role. There’s a great opportunity in the works though, so hopefully I’ll have something definite soon!

2. Host a monthly dinner party

We didn’t do as much entertaining as I wanted. I’m going to keep working on this, because there’s something so nice about having great friends around a table of good food.

3. Add $ to our savings account

Kinda. The $5000 visa card fraud wasn’t a fun discovery, but it should be fully reimbursed soon.


4. Have an adventure in the Maasai Mara

Check. And check! We celebrated Will’s 30th birthday there, and then we returned with his folks last October.

5. Put together a little cocktail bar for our home

We have a little cocktail shelf, but my Pinterest-worthy dream cart hasn’t happened yet.

6. Make a 2013 yearbook and 2010-2011 yearbook

This also hasn’t happened, due to the faulty external hard drive.

7. Decide which Masters course I’d like to do (and where!)

Check. I’ve found a great distance course that I’m keen to start late next year.


8. Keep my ‘One Line A Day’ journal for a full year

Check. It’s been very cool reading back on each day from last year, and now I’ve kept it up for another year.

9. Buy the third globe for our globe collection

We’ve searched high and low for a good globe but with no luck. We’d like to collect one for each year of marriage, so really I’ve still got until November to make it happen.

10. Start writing and get published

I was featured in a Kenyan women’s magazine. And I’ve been much better at posting on this blog 😉

11. Climb Ngong Hills

We had a hike planned with friends for the day before my birthday, but then I had to miss it because of a pesky French exam!

12.Practice yoga

Check. It has been one of the best practices I’ve added to my life – both for my physical and mental health.

13. Learn more Swahili

I added a little, and remembered a whole lot more when I started French. It’s fascinating how your brain brings back all these old things.

14. Spend a day the beach

Check. I got some good beach time in both in Australia and when we took my brother to the coast here.

15. Bake a cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book

I bought the book but I’m still too nervous to bake the cake!

16. Read seven books of African literature

I read three. Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun and Things Fall Apart. Americanah is on my bedside table and We Need New Names is on my wish list.


17. Cross off the next big destination on our travel list

Check. Hello Istanbul!

18. Buy six pieces of art and start my art collection

I added four. The hunt continues…


19. Adopt a bunny rabbit, or a puppy. Or both

We adopted Rum, our darling lab. Getting her was probably the best life decision we made all year.

20. Do a ‘Colour Me Katie’ rock project


21. Nurture a little pot plant garden

Check (kind of… more like I outsourced this one to Will).


22. Go camping with Will in Kenya


23. Create a framed photo wall


24. Recreate the Bonello room

Done! (Bonello was a farm house we stayed at in Tuscany. I wanted to recreate the wonderfully huge bed and block out window shutters. We ended up with a comfy King and block out curtains. I’m such a fan of investing in good sleep!)

25. Get rid of 30 things

Check. I culled so many clothes when I was home in Australia, and have continued the cull here as well. Goodbye clutter.

You can see my 22 before 23, 23 before 24 and 24 before 25 list here. And I’ll finish off my 26 before 27 list and share it soon!


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