26 before 27


It’s time for a new birthday list for a new year. Here’s my 26 things to do before I turn 27…

1. Learn how to bake baklava
2. Take a holiday in Kenya with friends
3. Declutter my wardrobe
4. Grow a herb garden
5. Redesign this blog
6. Complete DELF A2 French studies
7. Create (and stick to) a grown-up financial plan
8. Make a big deal about friends’ birthdays, again!
9. Take a road trip in East Africa with Will
10. Support a local project I love
11. Read 20 books
12. Go on a spiritual retreat
13. Plan our next international adventure
14. Design and print our 2013 and 2014 yearbook
15. Practice fasting amidst the feasting
16. Do a yoga challenge
17. Get a full time job
18. Support ASRC
19. Hike Ngong Hills
20. Spoil my husband unexpectedly
21. Add a 3rd and 4th globe to the collection
22. Buy only fair trade, second hand or ethically produced clothing
23. Start a new Christmas tradition (and wrap our front door again!)
24. Finish the Romans 8 project
25. Start writing a book
26. Eat more veggies


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