the week that’s been

photo 11

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Our garden is growing, the sun was out for at least two days and I got to Skype with my sister for over an hour, so it has definitely been a good one. I’ve also just finished a self-imposed, month long ’30 piece wardrobe’ challenge (more on that later), so this morning I got to dig through all the clothes I packed away and pull out my warmest sweater that I stupidly forgot to include in my 30 options. I’m feeling so cosy and snug!

Here’s some lovely links from around the place. Enjoy:

A great (comprehensive!) guide to storing fruit and veggies.

And Nairobi friends – get your fresh produce delivered by Kula Kula!

Nine reasons why a decade of Christina Yang wasn’t nearly enough.

You need a ‘stop doing’ list.

Reading literature makes us smarter and nicer.

How lovely is this car park graffiti?!

And this gorgeous footpath street art?

A pretty DIY weaving.

Five great apps for creatives. And 37 (!) books every creative should read.

I love this Ace & Jig scarf.

The top 50 cities to see in your lifetime. (I’ve made it to 8!)

And what not to pack for your vacation.

And did you know that Australia Post has an app where you can upload a photo and send it as a postcard? A girlfriend was telling me just this week – how did I not know?!


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