the week that’s been


What are your plans for the weekend? We’re heading off on safari in Amboseli in celebration of Will’s birthday. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of elephants and Mt Kilimanjaro and just enjoying being out on the open plains. Last time we went to Amboseli we saw a hippo eat a hyena, so we’re pretty ready for anything!

Here’s some worthwhile tidbits I’ve found online this week. Sometimes I just really love the internet!

Yum. Grilled peach splits.

And this pear and almond frangipane tart.

DIY lawn games – don’t these look so fun?

I want one of everything from Lauren Christy Jewelry.

The Queensland Ballet is holding classes for the public!

And did you catch the last Strictly Ballet episode?

The expat struggle – oh I laughed at too many of these.

Will has got me hooked on this guy’s music.

Pastors and the ‘F-Word’.

I just finished Americanah. Another great read, though Half of a Yellow Sun is still my favourite.

Dog lovers, you must follow The Dogist.

And 50% off beautiful hair accessories from Grace Designs using the code MOVING50 before Monday!


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