the week that’s been


I hope you’ve had a lovely week! What’s been the highlight? We got our first Kula Kula veggie delivery this week and it felt a little like Christmas morning, opening it up to find all the goodies inside. I’m all over Pinterest looking for yummy new recipes. Any recommendations on something delicious to do with a red cabbage? (:

In the meantime, here’s a few lovely links from around the place:

How to avoid the comparison game.

Amazing fabric moths.

I tried these oven baked pork spare ribs last week. Not bad at all.

The cutest New York temporary tattoos.

Five things to never say in a job interview.

And do shorter workdays really work?

Nine marriage hacks from the likes of Gary Chapman, Christa Black and Danny Silk.

The health benefits of trees.

Sweet dotty cards from Ma & Grandy.

I’d love a couple of these Moroccan goodies for our lounge room.

(And I love Maven’s philosophy!)

Apparently women are getting smarter, faster.

Beautiful Scandinavian home inspiration.

And if you read anything this week, you just have to check out this article by Ann Morgan, who in one year, read one book from every country of the world. She blogs the journey at A Year of Reading the World and her full list of books she read (plus others that came highly recommended) will inspire you out of any ‘what should I read next?’ rut!


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