bunny rabbit sweater makeover

FastFashionFrenchConnection_GL_21jul09_pr_bI’ve had this French Connection sweater for years. I loved the rabbits and though my version was a ‘boyfriend’ sweater, meaning it was a little baggier than the one above, the sequins made it a little fancy. However, after years of wear and a general disdain for handwashing fragile items (when will I learn?) my rabbits were looking a little worse for wear. So, time for a makeover!


I started by removing all the sequins. Some came off really easily, others took a bit of work. I was sitting on the floor rather than at my desk, so of course our dog Rum wanted to inspect everything while I was working.

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2161

Once I removed all the sequins, I discovered there was a stitched outline of both rabbits. I knew I wanted to add some patterned kitenge fabric to the sweater, and was brainstorming various shapes I could use. But when I saw the outline, I decided to save myself the effort of unpicking it all and stick with the bunny design.

I didn’t snap photos, but I cut out two paper patterns and use them to cut out the fabric. I cut out bigger bunnies, so I could fold a small hem. And then I hand stitched them to the sweater.

IMG_2165 IMG_2178IMG_2170

Ta da! The old becomes new. The colours remind me of autumn leaves and I’m rather happy to have another warm piece in this rather cold Nairobi weather.

Next project: Find a tailor to turn the rest of that maroon fabric into a pretty dress. The material has a gorgeous bird print on it but it’s not too bright and busy, so I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it wherever we are.


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