the week that’s been


We were supposed to be in Australia at the moment for a little holiday, but sadly it all fell through. It’s a bit of a long sad story, so let’s not focus on that. Had we been in Australia this weekend, I’d be heading down to this little park near my parents’ home, where we held our engagement party. So instead let me reminisce through this old photo. We have a printed version hanging in our living room and it always reminds me of the beautiful green spaces in Brisbane, our amazing friends and our commitment to each other.

And since I have no relevant segue, here’s some lovely things I’ve found on the internet this week – enjoy!

A great paradoxical thought.

Why creators are happier than consumers.

Fascinating long read: Why are there so many women in PR?

A pillow for my book lover friends.

I know. Wrong time of year, but mojito icy poles, yes please.

Should you quit your job?

Loving Cuyana’s Bali-inspired collection.

Wasabi mashed potato. We ate something similar here last week and it was so good!

Just finished this book on marriage.

And this one on fast-fashion. Both come recommended!

A ‘less is more’ essay on the home.

I love this artist’s instagram.

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