how to: deconstruct modern art


Comedian Ursus Wehrli gives such a funny talk on how he ‘tidies up’ modern art. I think you’ll appreciate his clever presentation.

I also love this except from Laura Schneider in this  Levo article ‘How to Talk About Art Like You Know What You’re Doing’:

 “Schneider: Juxtaposition is a great one. Just use that word to describe any contrary seeming elements. “I love the juxtaposition between the detailed figure and stark background.” Works every time.

Tension. Use this similarly to juxtaposition. Easy peasy.

Talk about being “drawn” to something. You can make vague statements like, “I don’t know why I am so drawn to this.”

If things look messy or quick call them energetic. This puts intentionality and flow behind the messiness. If something is messy and off-kilter, like a lopsided sculpture, call it organic. Throw your hands up and get another glass of wine.”

And for those of you having more serious conversations about art, A Survival Guide for Talking About Contemporary Art.


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