what are you reading?


My smart phone died a few months ago and I’ve been learning the not-so ancient art of living without an electronic device glued to my hand. It’s been a bit of a culture shock, I won’t lie, but at the same time it’s been kind of wonderful. As much as I try to limit my mindless social media usage through sheer will power, the whole exercise becomes infinitely easier when one doesn’t have a smart phone in the first place.

These days, I’ve been trying to squeeze in a spot of reading whenever I may have previously turned to my phone. I’ve been carrying my Kindle with me most places – and yes, the irony of replacing one electronic device with another is not lost on me! However my Kindle is incapable of doing anything other than providing me with reading material so it’s really not that different to a real ink-on-paper book, right?

Anyhow, I’m squeezing in ten minutes of reading here and there, as I wait for my bus, or get stuck in stand still traffic, or arrive early for an appointment. And now I’m flying through so many books I really need to get some new recommendations.

So, what are you reading? What’s been a stand out book this past year? What’s next on your own reading list?

I’ve just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (thought provoking) and Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed (heart warming). And at our Wednesday night group, we’re making our way through James (practical, if not a little challenging).

I love non-fiction, but will always consider a fiction novel if it comes highly recommended. So, what should I read next? Comments here or on facebook are greatly appreciated!


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