Gratitude vs. Comparison

As I continue exploring the idea of simplicity, I’ve been reminding myself about gratitude again. I read something about the Tiny House movement last week and began wistfully wishing I had a teeny tiny cottage instead of our current semi-detached house.

I started day dreaming about how great a loft bed would be, how cosy the house would feel, the simple lifestyle it would encourage us to live. I lamented all the wasted space we have in our current home, the spare bedrooms that are rarely used, the three bathrooms that seem excessive for two people (and don’t get me wrong, they are excessive!).

And then I caught myself. We have a small garden, which is hard to find in Nairobi. I have my own study with a view of the most lovely flowering tree. Our hot water system works and we have the best neighbours. Our four bedroom house is cheaper than our previous two bedroom apartment. And yet, here I am lamenting the house I have and wishing for something different. I took a moment to be truly grateful… and it made all the difference.

Any one who has known me for the last few years will know how inspired I’ve been by Hailey Bartholemew’s 365 Grateful project. Hailey recently did a TED talk in Brisbane on how she found the secret of happiness and it’s a wonderful reminder of the power of gratitude. I love her comments on how her perspective of her husband changed.


The 365 Grateful website has been updated and it’s lovely. You can also buy the 365 Gratefuls book online (I contributed some photos!)


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