27 before 28


This is my sixth birthday list! I wrote it just before my 27th birthday in July and have been making progress, but there’s something about sharing it online for a little more motivation. I stalled on quite of few of last year’s goals – it was a crazy year in a number of ways though, so I’m letting it go and turning my focus to this new year 🙂

27 Things To Do Before 28

Hike Ngong Hills

Safari in Samburu:

Start my Masters

Send handwritten letters

Read 10 books from the Rory Gilmore list

Print 5 new photos

Lasagna on the 18th

Year 3 of the One Line a Day diary

Go big on Twitter

Post on W+L once a month

Post once a week on Better Dressed

Make the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Yearbook

Go camping

Say yes!

Take a hot bath

Put myself out there work wise

Continue my ethical wardrobe

Long walks with Rum

More cuddles with Will

Less Facebook, more email

Eat at five new Nairobi restaurants

Summer night outdoor dinner parties

Get organized (outer order = inner calm)

End our use of ‘one-use’ plastic

Eat the Kengeles steak

Take more real photos

Get rid of 30 things


2 thoughts on “27 before 28

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