my one little word


I started playing with the one little word concept in 2014 to complement my birthday list and as an alternative to New Years resolutions. My choice for that year was ‘simplicity‘, and I really enjoyed seeing how that one word unfolded in various aspects of my life.

In 2015, my word was ‘brave’.

I think this song and this quote first put the word on my radar and I grabbed hold of it with two hands.

This time last year I was about to finish an internship, unsure of what lay ahead professionally. I was planning to start a Masters programme in Public Health (via distance), but was a little nervous about going back to school. I wanted to start a brave conversation about ethical fashion. The general uncertainty we’ve experienced the last couple of years about where I’d work, what we’d be doing, where we’d be living continued to linger and in the face of it all I wanted to be BRAVE.

The word gave me a focus and a little push everything I had something hard to do. 2015 ended up being a wonderful year.

I finished my internship, completed two consulting jobs and started a new contract in a dream role. I started school and bravely signed up for both statistics and epidemiology – and have loved it. I had a lot of fun (and learnt SO much) starting Better Dressed as a little side project.

Funnily enough, about August I had another word capture my attention – momentum.

I read an article about a couple who let their kids have unlimited screen time, as long as they did a few things first: household chores, read for 30 minutes, do something creative, spend time outside. To their delight, they discovered their kids were less and less interested in the screen. The activities they had to do to access screen time created momentum and when it finally came time for the kids to jump in front of the computer or TV, they were already engrossed in their current activity – playing with Legos or riding their bikes or with their nose stuck in a book.

I LOVED that idea and there were a few areas in my life that needed a good dose of positive momentum, so I kind of tacked momentum on as an additional word to push through to the end of the year. Yay!

In the last couple of weeks of December I started thinking about my word for 2016.

I played with a few different ideas before I landed upon ‘dig deep‘. Two words, not one.

But I think it’s exactly what my 2016 needs.

I want to focus, to narrow down on a few things rather than try and do everything. To switch from widening (adding more things to my life), to deepening (giving more time, energy and love to what I already have). I want to cut out some distractions and end some commitments to burrow in, put down roots, tend the crops, hustle. 2016 is a year of working hard, pushing in, doing the work.

I want to dig deep into my studies. I know I’ll get out what I put in, and I want to make the most of the opportunity. I also know I need to make time, put in the hours, knuckle down, and this season is the time to do it.

I want to dig deep into my work. After seasons of unemployment, underemployment, and uncertain employment, I’m still waiting to see exactly what 2016 will look like. But if all goes to plan, I’ll be continuing in my current role – and I want to make the most of it. To learn, to grow, to build my experience, my confidence, my networks.

I want to dig deep into my wonderful life. I have an incredible husband. Amazing friends and family. A wonderful community and church. I want to deliberately invest into each of those areas, to take shallow connections deeper and to truly celebrate and recognise how blessed I really am.

I want to dig deep into my bedside pile of books. I want to dig deep into some new recipes. I want to dig deep and make time for more hands-on, diy creative projects. I want to dig deep into the Word. I want to dig deep and be generous.

I want to dig deep into 2016.



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