Jan + Feb 2017 book report

Here’s what I’ve been reading recently:

The Secret River

(fictionalised historical account – first time read – recommended for anyone interested in learning more about the darker side of Australian history)

The Barefoot Investor

(non-fiction – first time read – recommended for Australian friends looking for some basic money advice)

The Girl with Seven Names

(non-fiction – first time read – an intriguing account of one girl’s escape from North Korea)

Better than Before

(non-fiction – reread – recommended for those wanting to reboot their 2017 resolutions and make habits that suit their personality)

The Total Money Makeover

(non-fiction – reread – the American equivalent of The Barefoot Investor, I was interested to reread this to see how similar it is to TBI… very similar!)

The Triple Package

(non-fiction – reread – one of the more interesting books I read last year)

All the Single Ladies

(non-fiction – first time read – one of the NYT’s recommended books from 2016 – it felt a little repetitive at times but still recommended!)

The Broken Way

(non-fiction – first time read – Ann is amazing and this is not a book for breezing through – if you’re only reading one book from Ann, I think I would still recommend ‘One Thousand Gifts’ first)

The Year of Living Danishly

(non-fiction – first time read – easy breezy enjoyable read, would make a good vacation book)

Present Over Perfect

(non-fiction – reread – recommended! The first time I read it I enjoyed it, but this time I soaked up every single word – very timely for me)

The Sound of Gravel

(non-fiction – first time read – intense and confronting, but recommended for anyone interested in Mormon fundamentalism (if anyone shares my same weird obsession!))

These Happy Golden Year

(fiction – reread some 20 years after I first read it – I’m just one book away from finishing the Little House series and I don’t want it to end!)

The Rest of God

(non-fiction – first time read – HIGHLY recommended for both the content (powerful, applicable) and the style, it was such a pleasure to read!)




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