the week that’s been / 21.


It’s Thursday night, Will is in the kitchen whipping up a delicious chicken masala dish and I’ve got Alexander Fairchild playing. Tomorrow is Friday and I work a half day and then we have a long weekend for Mashujaa Day (Heroes’ Day in Kenya). It feels like holidays! Especially because today was the most beautiful warm day we’ve had in a long time.

So in celebration of all things wonderful, here’s a handful of lovely things that have caught my eye this past week:

The most heart-warming photos of a baby giraffe.

Two lovely Australian blogs I’ve been enjoying: Practising Simplicity and This Little Port.

A truly spectacular Airbnb apartment. Hello Budapest!

A whole collection of free yoga class videos.

The most gorgeous set of salad servers.

I tested out the crispy egg this week. Yum.

A little lost boy finds his mother using Google Earth.

We watched this fascinating film at my friends’ monthly doco night.

(And I’m adding Project Wild Thing to my future documentary viewing).

Would you ever consider being part of an Articles Club? It sounds like the less stressful version of a book club (:

United Front: Breasts without Airbrush

We went back here last weekend and it was glorious!

Donna Hay’s peanut butter fudge.

Nairobi friends: A festival for this upcoming long weekend.

And thank you for all the book recommendations last week. I’m adding Anna Karenina to the list again – after a few failed starts, I will push through! In the mean time I’m reading the lovely children’s classic, The Secret Garden. I have a soft spot for beautiful children’s literature!

Have a wonderful weekend.


the week that’s been


We were supposed to be in Australia at the moment for a little holiday, but sadly it all fell through. It’s a bit of a long sad story, so let’s not focus on that. Had we been in Australia this weekend, I’d be heading down to this little park near my parents’ home, where we held our engagement party. So instead let me reminisce through this old photo. We have a printed version hanging in our living room and it always reminds me of the beautiful green spaces in Brisbane, our amazing friends and our commitment to each other.

And since I have no relevant segue, here’s some lovely things I’ve found on the internet this week – enjoy!

A great paradoxical thought.

Why creators are happier than consumers.

Fascinating long read: Why are there so many women in PR?

A pillow for my book lover friends.

I know. Wrong time of year, but mojito icy poles, yes please.

Should you quit your job?

Loving Cuyana’s Bali-inspired collection.

Wasabi mashed potato. We ate something similar here last week and it was so good!

Just finished this book on marriage.

And this one on fast-fashion. Both come recommended!

A ‘less is more’ essay on the home.

I love this artist’s instagram.

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the week that’s been


I hope you’ve had a lovely week! What’s been the highlight? We got our first Kula Kula veggie delivery this week and it felt a little like Christmas morning, opening it up to find all the goodies inside. I’m all over Pinterest looking for yummy new recipes. Any recommendations on something delicious to do with a red cabbage? (:

In the meantime, here’s a few lovely links from around the place:

How to avoid the comparison game.

Amazing fabric moths.

I tried these oven baked pork spare ribs last week. Not bad at all.

The cutest New York temporary tattoos.

Five things to never say in a job interview.

And do shorter workdays really work?

Nine marriage hacks from the likes of Gary Chapman, Christa Black and Danny Silk.

The health benefits of trees.

Sweet dotty cards from Ma & Grandy.

I’d love a couple of these Moroccan goodies for our lounge room.

(And I love Maven’s philosophy!)

Apparently women are getting smarter, faster.

Beautiful Scandinavian home inspiration.

And if you read anything this week, you just have to check out this article by Ann Morgan, who in one year, read one book from every country of the world. She blogs the journey at A Year of Reading the World and her full list of books she read (plus others that came highly recommended) will inspire you out of any ‘what should I read next?’ rut!

the week that’s been


What are your plans for the weekend? We’re heading off on safari in Amboseli in celebration of Will’s birthday. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of elephants and Mt Kilimanjaro and just enjoying being out on the open plains. Last time we went to Amboseli we saw a hippo eat a hyena, so we’re pretty ready for anything!

Here’s some worthwhile tidbits I’ve found online this week. Sometimes I just really love the internet!

Yum. Grilled peach splits.

And this pear and almond frangipane tart.

DIY lawn games – don’t these look so fun?

I want one of everything from Lauren Christy Jewelry.

The Queensland Ballet is holding classes for the public!

And did you catch the last Strictly Ballet episode?

The expat struggle – oh I laughed at too many of these.

Will has got me hooked on this guy’s music.

Pastors and the ‘F-Word’.

I just finished Americanah. Another great read, though Half of a Yellow Sun is still my favourite.

Dog lovers, you must follow The Dogist.

And 50% off beautiful hair accessories from Grace Designs using the code MOVING50 before Monday!

the week that’s been

photo 11

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Our garden is growing, the sun was out for at least two days and I got to Skype with my sister for over an hour, so it has definitely been a good one. I’ve also just finished a self-imposed, month long ’30 piece wardrobe’ challenge (more on that later), so this morning I got to dig through all the clothes I packed away and pull out my warmest sweater that I stupidly forgot to include in my 30 options. I’m feeling so cosy and snug!

Here’s some lovely links from around the place. Enjoy:

A great (comprehensive!) guide to storing fruit and veggies.

And Nairobi friends – get your fresh produce delivered by Kula Kula!

Nine reasons why a decade of Christina Yang wasn’t nearly enough.

You need a ‘stop doing’ list.

Reading literature makes us smarter and nicer.

How lovely is this car park graffiti?!

And this gorgeous footpath street art?

A pretty DIY weaving.

Five great apps for creatives. And 37 (!) books every creative should read.

I love this Ace & Jig scarf.

The top 50 cities to see in your lifetime. (I’ve made it to 8!)

And what not to pack for your vacation.

And did you know that Australia Post has an app where you can upload a photo and send it as a postcard? A girlfriend was telling me just this week – how did I not know?!

the week that’s been


Last year’s birthday. Meet Margo, named after her.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week! It’s been a good one here, albeit a little chilly, and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’m getting my French exam over and done with (eek!) but then I’ve got a 4th of July BBQ and my birthday to celebrate. Will told I’ll now be in my mid-to-late 20s, but surely 26 is still just ‘mid 20s’. Right?

Anyhow, enough rambling, here’s what’s caught my eye online this week:

Has Facebook been playing with your emotions?

And how to really delete your account.

The wedding of my beautiful friend Sharne.

Doesn’t this make you smile.. and want to dance!

My new night-time buddy.

An app to break your smartphone addition.

I’m saving this salad recipe for our next lazy BBQ.

Is slouching making you sad?

I finished my #100happydays project! Yay!

The French Words instagram.

Our day at Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar.

The sweetest ribbon sandals from Uganda.

This dress would be such a good wardrobe staple.

(And Metalicus is another lovely ethical brand!)

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