glitter safari

When I saw gold glitter and a packet of plastic safari animals within a few metres of each other at our local supermarket, I snapped them up straight away. Art supplies are a bit hit and miss here in Nairobi, so if I see something I like it’s best to buy in then and there – it could be months until it’s in the store again! And I knew exactly what I should do with these cheap new treasures…

IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6670 IMG_6671 There are lots of DIY instructions on Pinterest and the like. With my basic supplies, I found I got the best result when I painted the animals in gold nail polish, let them dry, smeared a layer of glue across the animal and then sprinkled glitter on them (with non-sticky fingers). When I rolled the animal in glitter, things tended to get clumpy or the glitter stuck to each other in the bowl, rather than sticking to the animal!

IMG_6674 IMG_6676 IMG_6677We hosted our first Kenyan dinner party on Saturday, in belated celebration of the Christmas we missed. Sparkly safari animals seemed like the perfect mix of Christmas and Kenya, no? A long procession of creatures weaved through our table centrepiece and looked especially pretty by candlelight!


A neon and gold Christmas

3 sleeps!! Can you believe it?

After planning a wedding, ‘doing’ the wedding (aka – getting married!), honeymooning, moving house, unpacking, opening wedding gifts, putting away wedding gifts, going back to work etc etc, Christmas seemed to sneak up on us so quickly!

I had lofty plans of making a Advent calendar, decorating a Christmas wreath, sewing cute Christmas stockings and writing my own unique set of Christmas carols. In reality, we got as far as setting up the Christmas tree (thank you Matt and Rach!) and buying gifts for our families. So instead, I used ALL my pent up crafty-Christmassy spirit on wrapping the gifts!

Two of the biggest design trends in 2011 seemed to be neon, and gold. Since I had lots of leftover neon paper (some may recognise it from our wedding invite confetti), and since gold wrapping paper was cheap at Ikea, and since I have a out-of-control mild obsession with origami cranes, I combined the two. Here’s what I came up with…

So easy and a lovely splash of colour – I like sneaking away from the traditional green and red!