the social media sabbatical


And I’m back!

Two weeks off social media has been so refreshing. Everything seemed to slow down a bit, in a good way, and I felt like the background noise really cleared up. The silence is a little surprising at first, but then I really liked it (:

And I found time for all the things that often get squeezed out of the schedule. I baked cookies and took Rum for some long walks and read five books (five!) and did some little art projects. I loved it! And I highly recommend a little sabbatical for any facebook-wearied soul.

Do I want to give up my social media forever?

Well, I definitely don’t want to go back to daily mindless use. And while we’re living overseas, I’ve realised how easy it is to just stalk friends back home rather than send a proper email or, goodness, even organise a Skype chat.

On the other hand, I use it to organise the yoga class I host, to catch sweet photos of my friends’ babies and to share blog posts. It can be a fantastic tool.

So I’m going to try for more limited use. Let’s see how it goes! I have certainly realised that when my life is drawing to an end, and I’m lying on my death bed, I will not be lamenting that I wish I spent more time on social media.

How about you? Have you tried a social media fast?

P.S. – How to quit facebook for good.